RxFit S Short Stretch Compression Bandage Short Stretch High active, Low resting 100% Cotton 60mm x 5m
80mm x 5m
100mm x 5m
120mm x 5m
Low resting pressure.
This is a short stretch bandage used for compression to control lymphoedema and oedema, primarily used in woundcare and lymphoedema clinics.
RxFit T Short Stretch Cohesive Bandage Short Stretch Support 100% Cotton  Latex Free  100mm x 4.5m Low resting pressure.
Non Slip.
Ideal for short stretch compression.
RxFit E Elastic Compression Bandage 180% (Long Stretch) Low Cotton, Viscose, Elasthane & Polyamide 60mm x 4.5m
80mm x 4.5m
100mm x 4.5m
150mm x 4.5m
Sub-bandage compression available.  Permeable to air.  Resistant to ointments, grease and perspiration.  Re-usable.  Sterilizable. This is the ideal bandage for the recumbent hospital patient who needs compression therapy.  Prosthetics.
RxFit F Elastic Compression Bandage 180% (Long Stretch) Medium Cotton, Elasthane & Polyamide 120mm x 7m All the advantages of the RxFit E bandage, but with 2.5m extra length Used by surgeons, woundcare sisters and others who need sustained, graduated compression to control or remove oedema in the lower limb.
RxFit G Elastic Compression Bandage 180% (Long Stretch) High Cotton, Elasthane & Polyamide 120mm x 7m Skin friendly.
Non-Fraying, woven edges.  Impregnated ends. Sterilizable. Absorbent.
Used on the same type of patients as the RxFit F, but especially in lymphoedema patients with wide circumferences at the ankle.
RxFit V Cohesive Compression Bandage

Short Stretch 83% cotton , 14% polyamide , 3% polyurethane, latex coating
140% elasticity
60mm x 6m
80mm x 6m
100mm x 6m
120mm x 6m
With woven edges
Cohesive coating, sticks only on itself, not on skin and hair
Permeable to air and moisture vapor
This is widely used in woundcare, orthopaedic and vascular surgeries. It is used where compression and support is required for extended periods.
RxFit Z Zinc Paste BandageRxFit Z Low – Short Stretch
Non Adhesive
Polyamide, Viscose and Cellulose Zinc Base 80mm x 7m
100mm x 10m
Cooling effect relieves pain.  High working pressure for compression to the deep vein system.  Low resting pressure.  Ideal for ulcer treatment. Used as compression bandage in phlebology.  It is an excellent alternative in chronic woundcare such as diabetic ulcers and venous ulcers.
RxFit Fing

Short Stretch Low 100% Cotton 25mm x 5m
40mm x 5m
Highest quality cotton elasticity. Breathable. Absorbent. Specialised finger bandage for optimal arterial supply.
RxFit Post Op

Short stretch 80% Extendability 88% cotton / 11% polyamide / 1% polyurethane 40mm x 4.5m
60mm x 4.5m
80mm x 4.5m
100mm x 6m
120mm x 4.5m
Low resting Pressure
Extra Length
Excellent short stretch bandage for larger patients. Oedema control

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