RxFit M Cohesive Support Bandage 50% (Short Stretch) Support Cotton, Elasthane,  Latex Free 40mm x 4.5m
60mm x 4.5m
80mm x 4.5m
100mm x 4.5m
120mm x 4.5m
Tearable bandage.  Mouldable & absorbent.  Low resting pressure.  Ideal post-operative bandage. It is used mostly as support bandage post-operatively, especially where it is imperative to hold a limb or dressing in specific position.
RxFit LF Cohesive Support Bandage 100% (Medium Stretch) High Support Polyester, Non-woven and Elasthane, Latex free 12.5mm x 4.5m
25mm x 4.5m
50mm x 4.5m
75mm x 4.5m
100mm x 4.5m
150mm x 4.5m
Light. Handles easily.  Low Allergy.  No extra fixation necessary. Where support and compression is required post-op.  In sports applications.
RxFit PlastRx Adhesive Bandage Medium
Zinc Oxide, Latex free
100% Cotton 50mm x 3m
75mm x 3m
100mm x 3m
Plaster with good adhesive properties.  Low allergy. Sports taping and post-op taping.
RxFit CrepeRx Support Bandage Short – Medium Support 100% Cotton 50mm x 4.5m
75mm x 4.5m
100mm x 4.5m
150mm x 4.5m
Highest quality cotton elasticity. Breathable. Absorbent Where support and light compression is required
RxFit StrapRx Strapping Plaster Low
Zinc Oxide
Support 100% Cotton 38mm x 15m
50mm x 15m
No stretch for excellent support. Physiotherapy and sports strapping.
RxFit RapRx Underwrap Bandage Medium Poly-Urethane 6.875cm x 27.5m
Thickness: 08mm
Soft and comfortable. No adhesive residue upon removal. Breathable and mouldable. Used by sports physios to reduce shafing.  Comfort layering in lymph and woundcare therapy.

N/A N/A Non-woven Polyesther 50mm x 10m
100mm x 10m
Hypoallergenic, transversely stretchable, pliable, permeable to air and water vapour. Used as a skin-friendly under-layer when taping with KinetRx. Wide area fixation of wound dressings, particularly on joints. Secure fixation of tubes, catheters, measuring devices and instruments.

N/A N/A 95% Cotton
5% Spandex
50mm x 5m Allows full range of motion without restricting the joint. Soft and breathable, consistent compression, stable stretch and reliable stickiness. Support bandage for muscles, assists lymphatic drainage, activates the endogenous analgesic systems, corrects joints problems.

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